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What is Bring a Friend?

bring a friend

Most newcomers are introduced to skiing and snowboarding through a friend or family member and we have an entire web site dedicated to those new to these sports -

Bring a Friend is a way for current skiers and riders to share their love of skiing and snowboarding with others by helping them sign up for lessons from professional instructors. Programs vary because they are offered by individual resorts and retail operations. Lessons and lesson packages are available ALL WINTER long and January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month when resorts offer their best learning deals for beginners. You can change someone's life this winter by introducing them to the world of skiing and snowboarding.

Be an Ambassador for snow sports! Take the Bring a Friend Challenge. It's our way of rewarding those who help newcomers sign up for beginner lessons. You may be a seasoned skier or rider or a newcomer yourself. Helping someone else is what counts here.

This year's Challenge runs from December 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015.  (Photo: Hunter Mountain (NY))

Our Bring a Friend Challenge offers fabulous prizes to those who introduce just one newcomer. Doing so qualifies you as an Ambassador of snow sports. 

And, newcomers can win a trip to Utah for participating in our NEW program called First Day Faces! Details coming soon. 


Use our Find Lessons menu on 

Visit snow sports specialty retail shops for information about apparel, equipment and accessories. Most shops are open all year long.


Check out for snow news. 

Visit our Facebook page for updates. 


What is Bring a Friend?

Are you a skier or a snowboarder? Want to share your love for winter sports?

Introduce a friend or family member to skiing or riding this winter.

The best way for friends or family members to learn is by taking lessons from a professional instructor. “Friends” don’t teach friends.

Resorts throughout the U.S. have great learning offers during the month of January and beyond. In fact, January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.

If you just learned yourself or are a seasoned enthusiast, then Bring a Friend to the snow for lessons from a pro.

Take the Bring a Friend Challenge. You could win some fantastic prizes just by helping to share the “love”.

Check out our Where to Go section for venues near you and see what you can win from our sponsors.

Take the Bring a Friend Challenge (the blue highlight should go to the Take the Bring a Friend Challenge page - make this a click through)

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